Scenic NZ Limousines

Logo & Branding Design

Logo & Branding Design

Scenic NZ Limousines is part of the Scenic NZ Group, and opened in 2018. As part of the larger website design & photography projects, we created a simple and elegant brand that includes styling references to the parent company.   

The Project

Scenic Limousines was launched in Queenstown in late 2018.

As they were a new business venture, they required new branding, website design & development and photography and video services.  

What we delivered

One of our favourite brands we have developed to date.  The Scenic Limousines brand is simple and elegant, and includes elements that can be reused throughout any promotional materials.  

Inspired by the very place where the business operates, the mountain icon was added to the parent company's "circle" but also works alone.  The brand is simple but easily recognisable.

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