Spiffy Stores

Logo & Branding Design

Logo & Branding Design

Spiffy Stores, established in 2001, is a popular provider of ecommerce software to small businesses in Australia.  Our work with Spiffy Stores has continued for several years, with several iterations of the website, branding design, template designs, and social media.

The Project

With massive growth and new competitors in the ecommerce market, Remarkable Creative was tasked with Spiffy Stores' logo and branding. The company's visual style was now dated.

A new logo and brand identity was needed that would reflect the organisation's leading place in the industry. It needed to be bold, simple and elegant, but also approachable.

What we delivered

An elegant logo was developed through a series of iterations working closely with the client. A visual style followed, that could run through all the company's marketing collateral. Elements included the logo, company colours, fonts, and graphic elements that could be used online and in their software.

Branding is applied to all public-facing aspects of the company that including stationery, display materials, website, brochures, maps, and clothing. 

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