Vibe Australia

Logo & Branding

Logo & Branding Development

Vibe Australia’s 3on3 Basketball and Hip Hop Challenge is in it’s 15th year as a touring festival for regional schools around Australia and is the highlight of the year for many Indigenous kids.

The Project

The original logo reflected hip hop and street culture and Vibe Australia's origins. As part of a group wide rebranding, the logo was updated to fit within the overall identity as a sub brand, while still retaining it's hip hop and basketball roots.

What we delivered

Design promotional collateral centres around a poster which can easily be updated with new role models and guest artists and printed for each new event in a regional centre.

Each venue sees the roll out of banners,signs and branding tape to dress up the event. Branded t-shirts, certificates and medals all create the sense of occasion and excitement that give these festivals their positive impact.

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