Scenic NZ Limousines

Photography & Video Services

Photography & Video Services

Scenic NZ Limousines is part of the Scenic NZ Group, and opened in 2018. As part of the larger website design & branding projects, we headed out for a day to Wanaka and Skippers Canyon to capture shots of their vehicles in their element.

The Project

Scenic Limousines was launched in Queenstown in late 2018.

As they were a new business venture, they required new branding, website design & development and photography and video services.  

What we delivered

On a fine crisp day in August, we headed out for the day to shoot cars in Skippers, The Crown range, Cardona and Wanaka.  The shots were used extensively throughout the website and other advertising materials, and show off the vehicles in all of their shiny glory.

In addition, we created a promotional video shot with a drone of the Mercedes Sprinter on Mt John at Lake Tekapo.

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